"The relationship a person has with him- or herself, and his or her awareness of this, is reflected in the connection and communication with a horse."

~ Monique Steenwijk ~
Heart Connection Relationship Coach & Trainer

I inspire and coach people in their proces to (re-)connect themselves to who they truly are, what they are capable of creating from a conscious and clear point of view of oneness, compassion and love for self and all of creation. I do this in connection and co-creation with horses.

To me, being in true, authentic and a heart-felt connection with my higher self and others, means freedom in being myself in full expression. Then I am capable of living my full potential and follow my hearts desire. I do this through connecting with horses, as horses are my greatest teachers and facilitators in exploring my inner world. And I personally experienced that the moment I started to learn to connect and communicate with horses using Heart Intelligence and Multi Sensory Mind & Body Awareness, my relationships with people in all areas of my life (intimate partner, daughter, family, friends and work related connections) changed and deepened into more intimate, loving and compassionate relationships. 

For riders and their horses
Specifically for horse lovers who are interested in Horsemanship and have the desire to bond and work with (their) horses from a deep heart-felt connection in mind, body and spirit, I have integrated my knowledge, experience and skills as a personal and spiritual development coach, EFLC coach and horsewoman into a heart-centered approach to horsemanship I call HorseSense Connection Training™.

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